Natural remedies for hair washing (powder for washing hair)

Each of us knows that when we choos products for body care, face and hair it is better to pay attention to natural remedies. They are very popular today because natural cosmetic changes our appearance and consists of such substances that can heal us from within.

Today we will focus on preparations for washing the hair. Each shampoo promises us to have beautiful and shiny hair. But, if at first you can see it, do not forget that substances such as sodium lauryl sulfate destroy your hair.

A great alternative is to use the natural remedies for hair washing, in particular natural powder for washing hair Chandi. It embraces only 100% natural therapeutic substances such as beans chicakay, Amla, vetiver and lemon. They care about your hair, give your hair strength and health.

After you use the natural powder for washing hair Chandi your hair  will look healthy and gain additional luster, but also filled it with health from within.

This powder can also be used as a shower gel. It is also safe for pregnant women and for children. For health and beauty you can use other tools for hair Chandi, for example, natural healing masks for hair or hair dye from natural henna.

It seems that natural cosmetics will be at the peak of popularity for a very long time because of its safety and effectiveness.


Hair Treatment with hair-dye Chandi

It is very difficult to meet a woman with long hair that looks completely healthy and natural. Poor nutrition, ecology, bad habits, etc. are the reasons of  all problems with hair. Too frequent changes of color, shape, hair, extensions, the use of varnishes and fixatives, hair and tight alignment – all this allows women to look glamorous one evening, but the damage to the hair and it is very significant. Hair very quickly lose their beauty and strength. Hair loss, magnifying glass, split ends or excessive dryness of the scalp – all consequences of your experiments beauty. If you find it hard to give up the impressive hairstyles that will restore your hair and give them the vitality and beauty can be due to the use of natural cosmetics.

Hair dye Chandi is a unique natural cosmetic, which is made with high quality henna, contains herbal extracts that can restore much damaged hair. In addition, hair dye based on henna Chandi contains substances that guarantee a long saving color saturation. Through regular use of hair dyes based on henna Chandi the scalp condition normalizes, magnifying glass disappears, hair gets its natural shine. Organic cosmetics series is made on the basis of long-standing beauty recipes that have been tested by thousands of years.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding  is a very difficult period in a woman’s life, it is a very time for young mothers to feel confident. Hair dye Chandi – this is the only hair dye that is safe, allows a woman to look attractive without any harm to herself and to the unborn child.

Natural handmade soap

      In our time, the market may offer us a lot of different types of cosmetic, detergents and hygiene products. Natural products line are especially popular.

      The word “natural” is noteworthy, because everyone wants to choose a quality product. Among such a variety of products, natural handmade soap is on pride of place.

     Natural Soap is created from high quality of raw materials on the basis of extracts and herbs. Of course only one mark on the label “Natural Soap” can not say with what it actually is. To see if you do not have palmed off a fake at the store, do not need to be an expert. There is a number of requirements to be called a natural soap.

      Packing: natural soap must be packaged properly so that sunlight could not mess it up to natural properties that are on has not disappeared.

      Appearance: natural soap should have a gentle, natural color. If you see the bright, saturated color of soap, it is unlikely composed of natural ingredients – this means that the soap is made of chemical dyes that are not good for you.

      Smell: natural soap should have a fresh smell of herbs, not depressing and quite specific. If the soap reminds you puffs of cologne, it is clear that it is not natural.

      Composition: no dye synthetic additives, toxic substances and chemicals.

       Natural Soap  is soft and gentle. It is useful for outdoor environment, not tested on animals.

       Natural Soap is ideal for people with sensitive skin, which usually has an allergic reaction.

       If you don’t want to worry about the quality and usefulness of products use the natural cosmetics and in particular natural soap of company the Chandi. Natural Soap of the Company Chandi – is a reliable and affordable way to protect your health. It gently cleanses your skin, ideal for people with increased sensitivity, has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antiseptic action.

      Natural Soap Company Chandi  is a reliability, quality and proper protection!

Elements of cosmetology

         Elements of nature generously give their assets and capabilities at the service of beauty. It is therefore easy to be good, if you live in harmony with the environment and use its gifts. So, what useful components and unique opportunities are in cosmetics – derived from natural elements?
         1. Earth. Generously endowed with modern cosmetology latest tools from clay and mud. These objectives are part of complex trace elements and mineral salts that restore, nourish and moisturize the skin. The best tool for regeneration and vitality of tired tissues simply not possible to invent! And besides, these features quiet and dried skin. Therefore they can be used for young skin that is prone to problems with acne and inflammation. It is easy to prepare masks from clay at home. You should choose the right product for yourself. Green clay minerals, because of elevated silver, zinc, magnesium and calcium, is a powerful antioxidant. Yellow clay, due to iron and potassium, nourishes the skin with natural oxygen, returns to its tone. Pink clay is indispensable in the fight against inflammation and skin irritation.
         2. Water. Hydrotherapy has a shocking variety of methods and secrets. And almost all of them fully accessible at home. Contrasting showers, steam baths, ice rubbing … Effects of hot water perfectly coordinated application of masks and massages, as vessels dilate, the skin absorbs all substances to the maximum. A cold water acts immediately after the hot as a powerful stimulator of skin tone
         3. Fire. Modern thermo-gel and oil to wrap steamed skin are becoming more popular. Why? Because it has a number of advantages: struggling with excess weight by splitting of fat cells at a temperature of 36-40 degrees and intensively nourish the skin. The principle of all things is the same as that of hot water: expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, the maximum willingness skin absorb the healthy substances.
         4. Air. Oxygen affects the activation of vital processes, including the formation of new cells. There is a particularly popular Oxygen mesotherapy, when oxygen introduced into the artificial skin layers. Tonics and lotions with a high content of oxygen molecules to be found to increase skin resistance to stress factors, it is important to provide life-giving forces.
If you wish to arrange a real treat, use once a week magic serum components of the four natural elements. They fill up most tissues of the body with all the necessary materials.

Fast Masks for hair

     Hair requires in daily care. You do not have to buy a special cosmetics in stores. Conventional products are suitable which you can find in your kitchen. Such masks can help if you don’t have enough time for cooking sophisticated beauty elixirs.

     To strengthen the hair is useful to make a mask out of two hundred grams of nutritional yeast, diluted in two tablespoons of quality vodka. This mixture is applied to the scalp and hair, hold it during twenty minutes and rinse with warm water. It is advisable to rinse the hair with mineral water to avoid drying out.  

      Another mask can help to make your hair stronger: one egg yolk mixed with low-fat yogurt, add one tablespoon of mustard, one teaspoon of honey and burdock oil. The mask must be kept at least for forty minutes. Then wash off it with water and dissolved in it with egg yolk.

      Regular mayonnaise can help with against loss – a tablespoon of this product should be mixed with two eggs and one teaspoon of olive oil.

      Oil is an indispensable ingredient in the home hair care. You can do  a nourishing mask in this way: rub onion  on a grater, squeeze out the juice. Mix it with one tablespoon of honey and olive oil. Add the egg yolk.

       Black bread will help to make hair soft and shiny. It needs to be softened in mineral water, then add a spoon of honey and apply on hair for forty minutes. You will get the same effect if you do the mask of oatmeal with a similar preparation technology. If  you find the stocks of cognac at home, mix a teaspoon of the drink with a spoon of honey and egg yolk. Firming Mask is ready! Ideally, healthy and harmless hair care involves the use of natural dyes. Then cosmetic procedures improve the structure of hair, instead of wasting time on the treatment of injuries.

Oils for Hair

         Oily hair does not inspire enthusiasm. But the food and the protection of fats, which are washed away – just what you need smart shock of hair. Oily hair wraps warm and allow them to absorb maximum nutrients. The best oils for hair care are considered jojoba and argan. No less lasting effect give burdock, castor oil, walnuts, soy. Oils can prepare yourself by insisting useful herb.
         – According to one tablespoon of rosemary herbs, violets, lovage and motherboard pour hundred grams of castor oil. Heat in a water bath to a boil and let stand until completely cooled. Then heat up again, and rub the mixture into your scalp warm.
         – Jojoba oil mix with burdock, heat in a water bath and massage into the scalp warm.
         – A tablespoon of aloe juice mixed with a tablespoon argan oil.
         – A tablespoon of burdock oil mix with a tablespoon of natural colorless henna. If you dry in brown or red, you can use colored ink. Preheat a water bath and massage into the scalp and distribute through hair.
         – Two tablespoons of honey mixed with castor oil, add a tablespoon of olive.
         Thoroughly massage the scalp at least five minutes. Leave masks for 20-60 minutes, turning your head with plastic wrap and a towel.

     Egg yolk is perfectly incorporates the remains of fat, but it should not be applied to the newly dyed hair. It will absorb the paint. Rinse hair decoction of lovage, rosemary, chamomile, marjoram, mint, or motherboard. Add and stir them into the egg yolk. Oil wraps recommended once a week.

Dye your hair during pregnancy

The birth of a child – is one of the most beautiful and joyful events in a woman’s life. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, her body is changing, which cannot be displayed on the exterior. During pregnancy, chemical paint can harm the baby, because it has a very high toxicity. After pregnancy, the hair usually begins to fall out, which is caused by reduced levels of female hormones.

It is very dangerous to change the hair color with an ordinary paint or to restore it in active way. After all, the chemicals absorbed into the blood during dyeing , and then it gets into the milk. But it does not mean that a young mother cannot be well-groomed, because there are the natural cosmetics, which performs all the functions of the natural hair-dye, restores hair and it is absolutely safe for the baby.

Hair dye Chandi made with high quality natural henna, which is composed of only healing herbal extracts. Women of the East whose purpose of life was the motherhood, were the first who decided to use henna for dying and strengthening the hair. Hair dye based on henna Chandi provides not only an excellent color and shine, but it also helps to repair damaged hair and stop hair loss.

Natural cosmetics can replace the salon treatment, chemical conditioners and hair masks that can harm the baby during the breastfeeding. After the baby birth, most women impressed by the changes in their body, according to this they are in need of recovery and self-confidence. Hair dye based on henna Chandi – it’s not only a beautiful hair, but it is also a new image of a happy woman and mother.

Hair dye Chandi will help you to be self-confident and attractive at any time of your life.