Natural cosmetics Chandi

         Using of natural cosmetics becomes more popular today. Besides,there are a lot of evidences about it . It says that natural cosmetics is more effective and helpful than artificial. Those, who tryied the natural cosmetics once would not use the artificial any more. Natural cosmectics brand “Chandi” is one of the examples of good natural cosmetics. Selected natural ingredients, herbs, plants and flowers are the basis of the natural cosmetics “Chandi”. Natural cosmetics “Chandi” is a gentle care  for your hair and skin.

         Natural, beautiful and rich colour of your hair is a dream of the most part of women. But it is very important to remember – don’t harm the hair when you staining it! Natural hair dye “Chandi” is useful and effective tool. Hair dye based on henna “Chandi” gives the hair a rich color. Series “Chandi Organic” paints the grey hair effectively , and a series of “Chandi Natural” – is an ideal decision for pregnant women, lactating and allergies. A superior quality henna, iris, chamomile and other herbs are the basis for natural hair dye “Chandi”.

         Our hair is in need of a comprehensive nutrition and care. Hair mask based on henna, amly and other natural ingredients from brand Chandi give hair volume and healthy shine, saturate them with vitamins and minerals, also help in dealing with the problem of hair loss and dameged tips.

         Shampoo is a very important in the hair care. Natural powder for washing hair “Chandi” gently and effectively cleanses the hair without weighing it down. Neem, Amla, Shikakay beans, Lemon and Vetiver will make your hair shiny, healthy and beautiful.

         Oils for Hair Chandi revitalizes hair, perfectly mastering  a lot of problems: hair loss, dameged  tips, premature graying, etc. The line of oils for the hair  “Chandi”  represented four kinds of oils.

         Coconut Oil – cares about hair and body. Amla hair oil copes with the problem of hair loss, enriching them with vitamin E. Bhringraj Hair Oil helps to solve the problem of premature graying of hair. Herbal Oil – is a sustainable integrated tool for hair care.
         The velvety and tender face skin   is  the dream of every girl. Facial masks “Chandi” are the natural remedy for skin care, which consists of only natural ingredients, which are integrated care for the face skin . Neem Face Mask has an antiseptic effect and helps to get of  the shine and blackheads. Sandal Face Mask cleanses and nourishes the skin, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Mask with Rose takes care of sensitive skin, nourishing and moisturizing it.

         Soap  “Chandi” – is a natural product that cleans, heals and does not dry the skin. Natural soaps “Chandi” have a pleasant aroma of Sandal, Neem, Tulsi and Herbs. Selected  vegetables  and essential oils, extracts of medicinal herbs and plants  are the basis for natural soaps “Chandi”. It does not contain animal fats. Natural soap “Chandi” fill you with vitality and give a good mood.

         Soap  “Chandi” consists of  ingredients  that make the skin soft and silky without drying it.
         Temporary Tattoos  is a great way to experiment with its image and steles, making it more vivid and original. Henna  for tattoo “Chandi” gives you this opportunity.  It contains only natural ingredients, so it is completely harmless!


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