Hair-dye Chandi for professional using

     Every hairdresser – it’s not just a master of his craft, but it is also a true artist, because every woman comes exactly to them with a dream to become more attractive and beautiful. It is not a secret that every master of the hairstyles focuses primarily on the waist clients, and they, in turn, – on the quality of the services. Salon coloring and hair restoration are very popular today, that’s why the quality of these procedures affects on the professional image of the barber.

     Hair dye based on henna Chandi is a unique combination of hair dyes and natural cosmetics, which takes care of hair and restores its natural form and beauty. Secure hair dye Chandi is a 100% natural Indian henna and herbal ingredients. All these substances reduced hair, give it shine and strength, as well as significantly improve the condition of the scalp.

     Hair dye Chandi gives the hair an amazing palette of colors: from copper and light brown to deep black. It should be noted that the natural cosmetics cannot do the hair lighter, but all the shades are bright and look very natural. Specific components of the composition are quite small, can increase the resistance of the hair-dye and make it possible to dye the gray completely.

     Unlike other professional products for hair care, hair dye based on henna Chandi gives gradual but lasting effect – with each staining hair will look better, will disappear fragility and failure, and the colors become more saturated . Is not that what women want, when turning to the hairdressers? In addition, a series of Organic Cosmetics stimulates hair growth, which accelerated after a few uses.


Natural cosmetics Chandi

         Using of natural cosmetics becomes more popular today. Besides,there are a lot of evidences about it . It says that natural cosmetics is more effective and helpful than artificial. Those, who tryied the natural cosmetics once would not use the artificial any more. Natural cosmectics brand “Chandi” is one of the examples of good natural cosmetics. Selected natural ingredients, herbs, plants and flowers are the basis of the natural cosmetics “Chandi”. Natural cosmetics “Chandi” is a gentle care  for your hair and skin.

         Natural, beautiful and rich colour of your hair is a dream of the most part of women. But it is very important to remember – don’t harm the hair when you staining it! Natural hair dye “Chandi” is useful and effective tool. Hair dye based on henna “Chandi” gives the hair a rich color. Series “Chandi Organic” paints the grey hair effectively , and a series of “Chandi Natural” – is an ideal decision for pregnant women, lactating and allergies. A superior quality henna, iris, chamomile and other herbs are the basis for natural hair dye “Chandi”.

         Our hair is in need of a comprehensive nutrition and care. Hair mask based on henna, amly and other natural ingredients from brand Chandi give hair volume and healthy shine, saturate them with vitamins and minerals, also help in dealing with the problem of hair loss and dameged tips.

         Shampoo is a very important in the hair care. Natural powder for washing hair “Chandi” gently and effectively cleanses the hair without weighing it down. Neem, Amla, Shikakay beans, Lemon and Vetiver will make your hair shiny, healthy and beautiful.

         Oils for Hair Chandi revitalizes hair, perfectly mastering  a lot of problems: hair loss, dameged  tips, premature graying, etc. The line of oils for the hair  “Chandi”  represented four kinds of oils.

         Coconut Oil – cares about hair and body. Amla hair oil copes with the problem of hair loss, enriching them with vitamin E. Bhringraj Hair Oil helps to solve the problem of premature graying of hair. Herbal Oil – is a sustainable integrated tool for hair care.
         The velvety and tender face skin   is  the dream of every girl. Facial masks “Chandi” are the natural remedy for skin care, which consists of only natural ingredients, which are integrated care for the face skin . Neem Face Mask has an antiseptic effect and helps to get of  the shine and blackheads. Sandal Face Mask cleanses and nourishes the skin, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Mask with Rose takes care of sensitive skin, nourishing and moisturizing it.

         Soap  “Chandi” – is a natural product that cleans, heals and does not dry the skin. Natural soaps “Chandi” have a pleasant aroma of Sandal, Neem, Tulsi and Herbs. Selected  vegetables  and essential oils, extracts of medicinal herbs and plants  are the basis for natural soaps “Chandi”. It does not contain animal fats. Natural soap “Chandi” fill you with vitality and give a good mood.

         Soap  “Chandi” consists of  ingredients  that make the skin soft and silky without drying it.
         Temporary Tattoos  is a great way to experiment with its image and steles, making it more vivid and original. Henna  for tattoo “Chandi” gives you this opportunity.  It contains only natural ingredients, so it is completely harmless!

How to restore hair quickly (Hair masks)

After such a long winter, our hair is especially in need of refurbishment. In fact ahead of holidays and vacations, the beach season and incendiary parties. A time when we, the girls especially want to look perfect.
Studying the new-fangled means to restore hair, we suggest to pay attention to the natural remedies. After all, it is no secret that natural cosmetics is experiencing a real boom, with each day getting all the new evidence of their effectiveness and advantages over the makeup of chemicals.
Natural cosmetics are not only transforms our appearance, in this case the hair, but also effectively treats them, giving them a healthy appearance and internal energy.
Natural cosmetics cares about your hear! It changes and do much better!
To restore hair this spring is best suited hair mask from the company “Chandi”. These masks for hair creation on the basis of natural henna, suitable for any type and hair color.
After using the mask your hair will have a special shine, will be filled with minerals and vitamins. Masks for hair on the brand Chandi prevent hair loss, dandruff and split ends.
Choose natural hair mask you can from the online store of Chandi. Also here you can find a wide range of other natural cosmetic products, including natural hair dye powder for washing hair and body.
What exactly are the advantages of “Chandi”? The answer is simple – it is a high quality natural cosmetics which is at the peak of popularity now.
After all, it does not just make you beautiful, but also has a positive effect on the health and does not pose any threat to allergies or other more nasty consequences, such as after using the products based on chemical substances. Therefore, natural cosmetics and deserves special attention. Company “Chandi” will offer you the  excellent conditions of mutual cooperation.


Fashionable hair color this summer (Natural hair dye)

    In anticipation of the new fashion season, all we study fashion trends and are looking for their using. This is true not only about our clothes, but also the appearance, that is, self-care.
    Studied a collection of colour cosmetics from the most famous brands and a list of beauty treatments, that just need to go before the beach season, it’s time to pay attention to another important component of good looks – hair.
    A good and health hair is one of the most important for women. If you want to look perfect — you should look after yourself. Long and loose, they contribute to the romantic mood and a desire to flirt; collected in bunch – set us to work, and a cute little tail makes us giddy and fun. But in addition to fashionable hairstyles, you should pay attention to the colour of  hair.  Fashion trends also apply to hair color. It is so important as the clothes.
    Natural hair color is in fashion this summer (among the most popular – shades of brown and black). The best way to refresh its image by changing the color of hair or giving them a new color, is a natural hair color based on henna from the Indian company “Chandi”. After all, it is not just  fills your hair into a new mega-popular and beautiful color, but also heals it, by giving  a healthy look and shine.
    Natural hair colour based on henna prevents hair loss and dandruff. It consists of no ammonia and other chemicals, which means that this summer the pregnant women can change their style, as this henna is harmless. This is confirmed by certificates, sanitary and epidemiologic findings, which the company owns.
    Online store of natural cosmetics “Chandi” also offers a wide range of other facilities for the care of appearance. These are the unique treatment mask for the hair, and powder for washing hair and body. You can see the whole range of products in the store of natural cosmetics “Chandi”.
    “Chandi” company also offers favourable conditions for cooperation. Therefore, if you are interested in  natural cosmetics, you can see the offer of the company’s website.
    And most importantly, remember that the health and beauty does not compromise. Therefore,  select only natural and high quality products that will not only transform your appearance, but also will give it good health and inner radiance!

Masks for hair with coconut oil

      The fastest way is to put a few drops of coconut oil on the comb with a few teeth, combine the hair from roots along the length for a few minutes. In Half an hour after this wash your hair with shampoo.

     Another method involves the application or pure coconut oil (also using a comb) or coconut oil with essential oils ( oil of rose, jasmine, rosemary, ylang-ylang, etc..) Next wrap your hair with polyethylene and  a towel, leave it for  2 hours  (with very weakened hair – for night).

      The mask of coconut oil and sour cream (yogurt)  is a great combination of ingredients. To do this you need :
 1 – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil mixed with 3 – 5 table spoons of milk products;  apply on hair for 1 hour.

     The mask of egg yolk:
 mix 1 tablespoon butter with 1 egg yolk and add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Apply on hair for 40 minutes.

     The mask of cinnamon and honey:
 mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder. Apply for 30 – 40 minutes.

     Note: as coconut oil is in solid form since the temperature below 25 degrees, before applying it you should melt it  in a water bath. For very oily hair it will be  better do not apply coconut oil on the roots and you need to treat split ends with oil very well after washing and  drying hair.
      Use coconut masks 1-2 times a week, but you also can do it as often as you your hair needs it.

Coconut oil is for your skin

     I think that each of us knows what coconut oil is, its properties, etc. Coconut oil  is the most popular oil for beauty. Everyone have heard  about Cleopatra’s milk baths, which gave her skin softness and tenderness. But not all people know that coconut oil was added there, which is also very positive effect – it nourishes, smoothes and moisturizes skin.
      Coconut oil is a group of  Lauric oils which absorbed well and quickly into the skin. It is like covering your skin with a thin film protecting it from harmful environmental factors. This oil can be used by people with any skin type. Also, coconut oil can be used to massage the face and neck, is very useful for sensitive, irritable skin.
      Coconut oil can reduce the risk of cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, age-related loss of memory and deterioration of the brain. Coconut oil is a supplier of energy and it is ideal for people who dream to lose weigh, because it is not deposited in the body fat. Coconut oil improves immunity and resistance to viral and bacterial infections, is very good for fungal diseases.Изображение

What do we need to know about coconut oil?

  Image   Beautiful and healthy hair is a dream of every girl, woman. The shops sold a variety of hair care products, on television, in magazines and newspapers we see ads that inform us about healthy hair. Each of them promises to help us and to our hair, to make it more vibrant and strong, to desired the volume.
     And among such funds, recently masks from coconut oil (butter) became popular. Natural products are equally to a great result.
     If you use coconut oil permanent, your hair will be really healthy. It will retain its true luster and the vitality will come back to your hair.
     You can help your hair, while not spending a lot of money. Coconut oil protects hair from any irritation, heat and chemicals. Coconut oil is useful for those who are in trouble with dry hair. Of course, it is suitable for normal hair type. But if you have excessively oily hair –  be careful with using of coconut oil.
     Coconut oil deeply moisturizes dry and sensitive skin relaxed hair, so it is used in cosmetics where it is a part of face masks and body shampoos, balsams, conditioners for hair. Also, coconut oil has a protective feature – that is why coconut oil is a part of the sunscreens, tanning creams. Also it is very useful for nail strength, rich in magnesium and calcium.
     Washing the hair, the loss of protein decreased due to coconut oil. Coconut oil can be used as possible before washing and after.
     Coconut oil is used so it has to be put on small parts of the hair from the scalp, and then slowly,  using a comb distribute it over the entire length of hair. Coconut oil envelops and protects it. This oil has a soothing and moisturizing effect and hair while soothing the scalp.
    Using of coconut oil can advise for those who have problems with dandruff – just make a mask for scalp and your dandruff  will disappear much faster than if you use a different therapeutic shampoo. Coconut oil strengthens hair roots well, so it starts to grow faster and better.
     Also, it should be noted that coconut oil helps to solve problems with split ends. It would be useful if you apply coconut oil on the hair ends and leave it overnight so. The result is impressive. After long-term of using coconut oil, the structure of your hair much better – it will be more powerful and brilliant, smooth and well maintained.
     It is summer now, coconut oil can help protect your hair greatly. Various negative factors influencing it, kill it, make dry and bleached your hair. Coconut oil is widely used not only in our country but also abroad. Many cosmetologists advised to use it and do not worry about the result.
     Coconut oil is good not only for hair but it also good for body. It can be used in skin care and nutrition. Coconut oil can also be used for sunburn. To do this, it must be mixed with sunscreen cosmetics. Use oil before and after the adoption of solar treatments. Your skin will have a nice view, because the oil will take care of its hydration.
     Coconut oil – is a hypoallergenic product and does not have any contraindications. It can also be used in the care of your kids.
     It is not  necessary to store coconut oil in the refrigerator, but the term of its use should not exceed 1 year.