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Oils for Hair

         Oily hair does not inspire enthusiasm. But the food and the protection of fats, which are washed away – just what you need smart shock of hair. Oily hair wraps warm and allow them to absorb maximum nutrients. The best oils for hair care are considered jojoba and argan. No less lasting effect give burdock, castor oil, walnuts, soy. Oils can prepare yourself by insisting useful herb.
         – According to one tablespoon of rosemary herbs, violets, lovage and motherboard pour hundred grams of castor oil. Heat in a water bath to a boil and let stand until completely cooled. Then heat up again, and rub the mixture into your scalp warm.
         – Jojoba oil mix with burdock, heat in a water bath and massage into the scalp warm.
         – A tablespoon of aloe juice mixed with a tablespoon argan oil.
         – A tablespoon of burdock oil mix with a tablespoon of natural colorless henna. If you dry in brown or red, you can use colored ink. Preheat a water bath and massage into the scalp and distribute through hair.
         – Two tablespoons of honey mixed with castor oil, add a tablespoon of olive.
         Thoroughly massage the scalp at least five minutes. Leave masks for 20-60 minutes, turning your head with plastic wrap and a towel.

     Egg yolk is perfectly incorporates the remains of fat, but it should not be applied to the newly dyed hair. It will absorb the paint. Rinse hair decoction of lovage, rosemary, chamomile, marjoram, mint, or motherboard. Add and stir them into the egg yolk. Oil wraps recommended once a week.