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Dye your hair during pregnancy

The birth of a child – is one of the most beautiful and joyful events in a woman’s life. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, her body is changing, which cannot be displayed on the exterior. During pregnancy, chemical paint can harm the baby, because it has a very high toxicity. After pregnancy, the hair usually begins to fall out, which is caused by reduced levels of female hormones.

It is very dangerous to change the hair color with an ordinary paint or to restore it in active way. After all, the chemicals absorbed into the blood during dyeing , and then it gets into the milk. But it does not mean that a young mother cannot be well-groomed, because there are the natural cosmetics, which performs all the functions of the natural hair-dye, restores hair and it is absolutely safe for the baby.

Hair dye Chandi made with high quality natural henna, which is composed of only healing herbal extracts. Women of the East whose purpose of life was the motherhood, were the first who decided to use henna for dying and strengthening the hair. Hair dye based on henna Chandi provides not only an excellent color and shine, but it also helps to repair damaged hair and stop hair loss.

Natural cosmetics can replace the salon treatment, chemical conditioners and hair masks that can harm the baby during the breastfeeding. After the baby birth, most women impressed by the changes in their body, according to this they are in need of recovery and self-confidence. Hair dye based on henna Chandi – it’s not only a beautiful hair, but it is also a new image of a happy woman and mother.

Hair dye Chandi will help you to be self-confident and attractive at any time of your life.


Hair-dye Chandi for professional using

     Every hairdresser – it’s not just a master of his craft, but it is also a true artist, because every woman comes exactly to them with a dream to become more attractive and beautiful. It is not a secret that every master of the hairstyles focuses primarily on the waist clients, and they, in turn, – on the quality of the services. Salon coloring and hair restoration are very popular today, that’s why the quality of these procedures affects on the professional image of the barber.

     Hair dye based on henna Chandi is a unique combination of hair dyes and natural cosmetics, which takes care of hair and restores its natural form and beauty. Secure hair dye Chandi is a 100% natural Indian henna and herbal ingredients. All these substances reduced hair, give it shine and strength, as well as significantly improve the condition of the scalp.

     Hair dye Chandi gives the hair an amazing palette of colors: from copper and light brown to deep black. It should be noted that the natural cosmetics cannot do the hair lighter, but all the shades are bright and look very natural. Specific components of the composition are quite small, can increase the resistance of the hair-dye and make it possible to dye the gray completely.

     Unlike other professional products for hair care, hair dye based on henna Chandi gives gradual but lasting effect – with each staining hair will look better, will disappear fragility and failure, and the colors become more saturated . Is not that what women want, when turning to the hairdressers? In addition, a series of Organic Cosmetics stimulates hair growth, which accelerated after a few uses.