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Natural handmade soap

      In our time, the market may offer us a lot of different types of cosmetic, detergents and hygiene products. Natural products line are especially popular.

      The word “natural” is noteworthy, because everyone wants to choose a quality product. Among such a variety of products, natural handmade soap is on pride of place.

     Natural Soap is created from high quality of raw materials on the basis of extracts and herbs. Of course only one mark on the label “Natural Soap” can not say with what it actually is. To see if you do not have palmed off a fake at the store, do not need to be an expert. There is a number of requirements to be called a natural soap.

      Packing: natural soap must be packaged properly so that sunlight could not mess it up to natural properties that are on has not disappeared.

      Appearance: natural soap should have a gentle, natural color. If you see the bright, saturated color of soap, it is unlikely composed of natural ingredients – this means that the soap is made of chemical dyes that are not good for you.

      Smell: natural soap should have a fresh smell of herbs, not depressing and quite specific. If the soap reminds you puffs of cologne, it is clear that it is not natural.

      Composition: no dye synthetic additives, toxic substances and chemicals.

       Natural Soap  is soft and gentle. It is useful for outdoor environment, not tested on animals.

       Natural Soap is ideal for people with sensitive skin, which usually has an allergic reaction.

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