Elements of cosmetology

         Elements of nature generously give their assets and capabilities at the service of beauty. It is therefore easy to be good, if you live in harmony with the environment and use its gifts. So, what useful components and unique opportunities are in cosmetics – derived from natural elements?
         1. Earth. Generously endowed with modern cosmetology latest tools from clay and mud. These objectives are part of complex trace elements and mineral salts that restore, nourish and moisturize the skin. The best tool for regeneration and vitality of tired tissues simply not possible to invent! And besides, these features quiet and dried skin. Therefore they can be used for young skin that is prone to problems with acne and inflammation. It is easy to prepare masks from clay at home. You should choose the right product for yourself. Green clay minerals, because of elevated silver, zinc, magnesium and calcium, is a powerful antioxidant. Yellow clay, due to iron and potassium, nourishes the skin with natural oxygen, returns to its tone. Pink clay is indispensable in the fight against inflammation and skin irritation.
         2. Water. Hydrotherapy has a shocking variety of methods and secrets. And almost all of them fully accessible at home. Contrasting showers, steam baths, ice rubbing … Effects of hot water perfectly coordinated application of masks and massages, as vessels dilate, the skin absorbs all substances to the maximum. A cold water acts immediately after the hot as a powerful stimulator of skin tone
         3. Fire. Modern thermo-gel and oil to wrap steamed skin are becoming more popular. Why? Because it has a number of advantages: struggling with excess weight by splitting of fat cells at a temperature of 36-40 degrees and intensively nourish the skin. The principle of all things is the same as that of hot water: expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, the maximum willingness skin absorb the healthy substances.
         4. Air. Oxygen affects the activation of vital processes, including the formation of new cells. There is a particularly popular Oxygen mesotherapy, when oxygen introduced into the artificial skin layers. Tonics and lotions with a high content of oxygen molecules to be found to increase skin resistance to stress factors, it is important to provide life-giving forces.
If you wish to arrange a real treat, use once a week magic serum components of the four natural elements. They fill up most tissues of the body with all the necessary materials.


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