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Hair Treatment with hair-dye Chandi

It is very difficult to meet a woman with long hair that looks completely healthy and natural. Poor nutrition, ecology, bad habits, etc. are the reasons of  all problems with hair. Too frequent changes of color, shape, hair, extensions, the use of varnishes and fixatives, hair and tight alignment – all this allows women to look glamorous one evening, but the damage to the hair and it is very significant. Hair very quickly lose their beauty and strength. Hair loss, magnifying glass, split ends or excessive dryness of the scalp – all consequences of your experiments beauty. If you find it hard to give up the impressive hairstyles that will restore your hair and give them the vitality and beauty can be due to the use of natural cosmetics.

Hair dye Chandi is a unique natural cosmetic, which is made with high quality henna, contains herbal extracts that can restore much damaged hair. In addition, hair dye based on henna Chandi contains substances that guarantee a long saving color saturation. Through regular use of hair dyes based on henna Chandi the scalp condition normalizes, magnifying glass disappears, hair gets its natural shine. Organic cosmetics series is made on the basis of long-standing beauty recipes that have been tested by thousands of years.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding  is a very difficult period in a woman’s life, it is a very time for young mothers to feel confident. Hair dye Chandi – this is the only hair dye that is safe, allows a woman to look attractive without any harm to herself and to the unborn child.


Natural handmade soap

      In our time, the market may offer us a lot of different types of cosmetic, detergents and hygiene products. Natural products line are especially popular.

      The word “natural” is noteworthy, because everyone wants to choose a quality product. Among such a variety of products, natural handmade soap is on pride of place.

     Natural Soap is created from high quality of raw materials on the basis of extracts and herbs. Of course only one mark on the label “Natural Soap” can not say with what it actually is. To see if you do not have palmed off a fake at the store, do not need to be an expert. There is a number of requirements to be called a natural soap.

      Packing: natural soap must be packaged properly so that sunlight could not mess it up to natural properties that are on has not disappeared.

      Appearance: natural soap should have a gentle, natural color. If you see the bright, saturated color of soap, it is unlikely composed of natural ingredients – this means that the soap is made of chemical dyes that are not good for you.

      Smell: natural soap should have a fresh smell of herbs, not depressing and quite specific. If the soap reminds you puffs of cologne, it is clear that it is not natural.

      Composition: no dye synthetic additives, toxic substances and chemicals.

       Natural Soap  is soft and gentle. It is useful for outdoor environment, not tested on animals.

       Natural Soap is ideal for people with sensitive skin, which usually has an allergic reaction.

       If you don’t want to worry about the quality and usefulness of products use the natural cosmetics and in particular natural soap of company the Chandi. Natural Soap of the Company Chandi – is a reliable and affordable way to protect your health. It gently cleanses your skin, ideal for people with increased sensitivity, has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antiseptic action.

      Natural Soap Company Chandi  is a reliability, quality and proper protection!

Natural cosmetics Chandi

         Using of natural cosmetics becomes more popular today. Besides,there are a lot of evidences about it . It says that natural cosmetics is more effective and helpful than artificial. Those, who tryied the natural cosmetics once would not use the artificial any more. Natural cosmectics brand “Chandi” is one of the examples of good natural cosmetics. Selected natural ingredients, herbs, plants and flowers are the basis of the natural cosmetics “Chandi”. Natural cosmetics “Chandi” is a gentle care  for your hair and skin.

         Natural, beautiful and rich colour of your hair is a dream of the most part of women. But it is very important to remember – don’t harm the hair when you staining it! Natural hair dye “Chandi” is useful and effective tool. Hair dye based on henna “Chandi” gives the hair a rich color. Series “Chandi Organic” paints the grey hair effectively , and a series of “Chandi Natural” – is an ideal decision for pregnant women, lactating and allergies. A superior quality henna, iris, chamomile and other herbs are the basis for natural hair dye “Chandi”.

         Our hair is in need of a comprehensive nutrition and care. Hair mask based on henna, amly and other natural ingredients from brand Chandi give hair volume and healthy shine, saturate them with vitamins and minerals, also help in dealing with the problem of hair loss and dameged tips.

         Shampoo is a very important in the hair care. Natural powder for washing hair “Chandi” gently and effectively cleanses the hair without weighing it down. Neem, Amla, Shikakay beans, Lemon and Vetiver will make your hair shiny, healthy and beautiful.

         Oils for Hair Chandi revitalizes hair, perfectly mastering  a lot of problems: hair loss, dameged  tips, premature graying, etc. The line of oils for the hair  “Chandi”  represented four kinds of oils.

         Coconut Oil – cares about hair and body. Amla hair oil copes with the problem of hair loss, enriching them with vitamin E. Bhringraj Hair Oil helps to solve the problem of premature graying of hair. Herbal Oil – is a sustainable integrated tool for hair care.
         The velvety and tender face skin   is  the dream of every girl. Facial masks “Chandi” are the natural remedy for skin care, which consists of only natural ingredients, which are integrated care for the face skin . Neem Face Mask has an antiseptic effect and helps to get of  the shine and blackheads. Sandal Face Mask cleanses and nourishes the skin, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Mask with Rose takes care of sensitive skin, nourishing and moisturizing it.

         Soap  “Chandi” – is a natural product that cleans, heals and does not dry the skin. Natural soaps “Chandi” have a pleasant aroma of Sandal, Neem, Tulsi and Herbs. Selected  vegetables  and essential oils, extracts of medicinal herbs and plants  are the basis for natural soaps “Chandi”. It does not contain animal fats. Natural soap “Chandi” fill you with vitality and give a good mood.

         Soap  “Chandi” consists of  ingredients  that make the skin soft and silky without drying it.
         Temporary Tattoos  is a great way to experiment with its image and steles, making it more vivid and original. Henna  for tattoo “Chandi” gives you this opportunity.  It contains only natural ingredients, so it is completely harmless!

How long does the natural cosmetics save???

     ImageBefore choosing some food at the grocery store, we, of course, look at the date of manufacture and shelf life. In cosmetics, we must pay attention to the same things, as spoiled products can harm you and your health.
     It is useful to know how long actually various cosmetic products saved. These figures may be different from others, but they are based on my own experience and can be helpful.
     Creams of all types (for hands, face, body, etc.) can be stored for 6-8 months if it stored in the refrigerator; at room temperature – 4-6 months.
     Face masks (excluding masks with chocolate) are stored in the refrigerator up to 3 months; at room temperature – up to 2 months. But when you have chocolate mask, it is stored in the refrigerator up to 1 month.
     Different hair masks  have the ability to store up to 3-4 months at room temperature; and in the fridge – 4-6 months.
     Shampoos, conditioners, balms for hair: at room temperature – 4-6 months; in the bathroom – up to 3 months; in the fridge – up to 8 months.
     Other blends of oils that do not contain water can be stored up to 1 year in the refrigerator; at room temperature – up to 6 months.