Indian Henna


     Indian Henna is a fragmented  powder from leaves of  Lavsony . In contrast, Iranian, Indian henna color range for many broader, and the mixing can be many different colors. The intensity depends on the initial hair color. And most importantly – Indian Henna is also an effective remedy.
     Indian henna can help you in solving problems such as hair loss, dry, brittle and dull hair.
     Indian Henna has 7 types of colors: natural, colorless, brown, burgundy, gold, dark brown and black. Henna cannot lighten hair. If your hair is by nature  has a good color, you can use a colorless henna, which enhances a pigment that makes your hair brighter, stronger, gives volume.
     The main difference between natural henna and chemical dyes is that henna does not violate the natural pigment of hair. Color lasts for a long time. Do not be  afraid of sunlight and seawater – these factors can affect chemical dyes badly, but not natural Indian henna.
     Shop of Natural Cosmetics “Chandi” gives everyone the opportunity to try natural cosmetics. Line hair dyes “Chandi” is based on purified Indian henna, helps you in solving problems with hair, improve its color and makes it brighter and healthy.


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